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 SMD Safety Capacitor
Application: Use as X/Y capacitors for AC Line filter and primary-secondary coupling on switching power supplies and AC adapters. Install Capacitor at PCB Botom, increasing the space utilization ratio of PCB Top.

编码(Code) 品名(Code No.)
Y1 B 100k SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-10K SMD
Y1 B 470k SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-47K SMD
Y1 B 101K SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-101K SMD
Y1 B 221K SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-221K SMD
Y1 B 331K SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-331K SMD
Y1 B 471K SMD CT7-250VAC-Y1-B-471K SMD

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