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High voltage diodes

           Our company is OEM manufacturer,  produce all series high voltage diodes and replace american Brand EDI diodes type. Also can be customized to meet your need. If what you are looking for diodes or ceramic capacitors please, contact us.

2CL2 Series
2CL2FP, 2CL2FM, 2CL2FL, 2CL2J, 2CL2FG, 2CL2M, ...
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HVRL series
HVRL150, HVRL200, HVRL250, HVRL300, HVRL400, 55mA...
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CL03 Series
CL03-08, CL03-10, CL03-12, CL03-15, CL03-20, CL03-...
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CLF Series
CLF Series, high current, high voltage power suppl...
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HV Series
HV16-15, x-ray power supply, high frequency,...
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HV37 series
HV37-08, HV diodes,8KV,410mA,100ns, x-ray power su...
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HVF37 Series
HV37-F Series, 60ns, high current, x-ray power sup...
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UX Series
40ns HV Diodes, UX-FOB, 40ns, x-ray power supply, ...
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SP Series
SP5LG, SP3LG, SP8LG,SPF01-10, SP02-10,SPF02-20,SP ...
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BR Series
br2 diode, br4 diode, br2f, br3f, br4f, br5f, b...
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We can supply all kinds of high voltage diodes and high voltage ceramic capacitor. We can supply high-end customers high voltage components device industry solutions.... [View More]
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