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We were high voltage components OEM manufacturer include diodes and ceramic capacitors producing department , established in 2004, We are professional high technology enterprise that focuses on R&D, design and production of high voltage rectifier components for various fields. 

Diodes  parts:
     Our manufacture plastic -encapsulated high-voltage diodes are axial compressive type products.The voltage range of the products our company manufacture is available from 3KV to 30KV while the current range from 5mA to 5A,and the reverse recovery time range from 40ns to 500ns. 

    Our main products are high voltage silicon stacks, industrial special silicon stacks, high voltage silicon rectifier diodes, high voltage silicon stacks of microwave oven, high voltage silicon rectifier bridges, high voltage rectifier components, high voltage modules and so on.
    Our products are widely used in medical equipments, electrostatic precipitation, spraying, high frequency thermal bonding, oil dehydrating, high voltage detection, plasma injection, ion acceleration, electron beam welding, electron microscopy, air purification, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning, high energy ignition, X-ray machine industrial microwave, radar modulation, laser equipments, all kinds of power supply and other electronic equipments.

For HV ceramic capacitors with rated DC voltage from 1kv to 60kv and capacitance up to 15000pf in 40KV. We use the same standard of Vishay or Murata. We produce both ceramic disc style and doorknob style. Our doorknob style HV caps already widely used in U.S.A and Germany's smart grid industry. We are HVC capacitors OEM manufacturer. HV ceramic disc capacitor well approved by Fortune 500 companies and medical equipment manufacturers. 

    The high voltage ceramic capacitors include epoxy molding SMD Y-cap, lead type medium and high voltage ceramic capacitors, ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors, varistors, series of safety certificated ceramic capacitor chips, series of capacitor ceramic powder, etc. Among them, production technology of all electrode chips for safety certificated and ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors, epoxy molding SMD Y-cap, and epoxy molding SMD Varistors are among the world's leading ones.

    Our products sell well throughout domestic and overseas.

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skype: tomdiode
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