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N4700 materials Capacitors

    High-end high voltage ceramic capacitor materials, Y5T and N4700 materials become my company major materials.


    According to the market feedback, at present high-end high voltage generate market and smart power grid customers need different demand. Some customers are strict with product quality,but the others think better price, good quality as usual. So,disc ceramic capacitors are classification by different materials, such Y5T or N4700 two types, we just service to high-end customer with best products.

    Y5T is widely used materials, widely used in high voltage generate products. Y5T materials are very stable, performance are similar with N4700 products. But the price are cheap than N4700. High voltage ceramic capacitors are replace film capacitors. Become the new major products. 

    Use N4700 materials capacitors, the materials capacitors are performance well than the other materials, using period long, but the price are expensive, for the high-end customer, agree use N4700 materials, we provide military industry and smart grid use N4700 materials.

    As usual Y5T materials use in high voltage generate, ‘cause Y5T price are cheap than N4700, so Y5T can reduce the cost. Now we provide customers two materials solutions. Y5T and N4700 major materials capacitors.

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